Farewell to our dear users.
Since our inception in early 2022, Pexpay has remained steadfast in its mission to advance cryptocurrency adoption by providing a zero-fee fiat on and off-ramp service. Over the past year, we have had the privilege of supporting the trading needs of nearly a million users worldwide, many of whom embarked on their crypto journey with us— which we take immense pride in.
While we had much more planned for Pexpay, we believe that the business model and services wouldn’t be the best scenario for us to carry on and realize our vision of promoting crypto adoption worldwide to the next level. Carried with a heavy heart, Pexpay had announced its closure in July, 2023.
Thank you for being a part of our story. It has been an honor to serve you.
Pexpay Team
What should I do if I still have assets left in Pexpay?
We understand that you may still have assets remaining in your Pexpay account, and we want to make sure your experience with us remains seamless and hassle-free in this final stage. 
In light of this, we have decided to further extend our withdrawal service support until 2023-12-31. We strongly encourage all users to withdraw the remaining assets as soon as possible.Starting 2024-01-01, the Pexpay website will be permanently closed.To initiate withdrawal, simply click on the "Withdrawal Asset" button below. Please keep in mind that a network fee will still apply, and the fee rates are determined by the blockchain networks.
If you have any questions or need assistance with your assets, please do not hesitate to contact us at pp_asset@pexpay.com.  
*Please note that our customer service team will be responding to your inquiries within 14 working days. We sincerely appreciate your patience during this process.
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