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Trade on Pexpay: Your safest, fastest and easiest peer-to-peer trading platform
Safe, Easy & Fast Transactions
Step 1
Select an ad
You can select any Ads from our list of advertisers. Use the filter function to find ads based on your preferred currency, digital asset, payment methods and your trade amount.
Step 2
Place an order
Once you have selected a suitable ad, place an order. Pexpay provides escrow service to secure your digital assets until the payment is completed.
Step 3
Complete the transaction
Follow the payment instructions displayed to you. Once the payment has been completed, notify the counterparty for the release of the digital assets.
More Than 50 Payment Methods
Our vision is to make digital currency accessible to everyone around the world.
Advantages of Pexpay Exchange
Security and safety
We use best-in-class tools and practices like face recognition and big data analysis to uphold the highest level of security for our users and screen out money laundering and fraud
Global coverage
No matter where you are, with the support of more than 50 payment methods and 10 currencies, Pexpay can provide you with a secured and fast transactions worldwide
Enjoy zero-fee when you trade with any of the counterparties on Pexpay, at the price and payment methods you prefer.
Pexpay Merchant Program
Advertise with 0 fee
Pexpay merchants enjoy zero handling fees, as well as various regional rebate programs
VIP privileges
Pexpay merchants can enjoy VIP upgrades, higher ranking on our peer to peer marketplace and more to expand your business.
24/7 Customer Support
24/7 access to a dedicated support team to help resolve Pexpay merchants’ enquiries and issues in a timely manner.