About Us
We started in 2021 with a simple aim: to make cryptocurrency accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world by recognizing the importance of cryptocurrency and understanding the pivotal role of an exchange to the cryptocurrency ecosystem.
Pexpay is a brand new cryptocurrency exchange, built for the future revolution of the global financial system.
Innovative and Web 3.0 focused
User-centric platform
Safe and seamless transactions
Our Vision and Mission
Our mission is to build and grow the cryptocurrency ecosystem by offering a secure, easy-to-use and affordable platform so that our users can achieve financial freedom and inclusion.
Our Values
Core Value
At Pexpay, we treat safety as a core value and a process of innovation. We understand the importance of safety and security when it comes to your money.
With a passion for making crypto transactions safe and secure for all, we are always working on delivering practical and innovative solutions for our products.
Core Value
We stay connected and listen to our users and community, always asking them for their feedback to gain a deep understanding of their needs in order to create even better things.
We connect data, design and content and introduce new blockchain technologies to provide options for financial freedom and inclusion to our users.
Core Value
At Pexpay, we're guided by courage as we know that it takes unrivalled vision and innovation to shape the future of financial inclusivity for all.
We embrace the realities of changing world situations and are not afraid of making tough decisions to align with our long-term mission.
Our Products
At Pexpay, we provide our users, both advanced and beginner traders, with a trusted, professional and easy-to-use trading platform. Our products include peer-to-peer cash-to-crypto trading, cryptocurrency conversion and other tools and features for our users to leverage as they grow their portfolio. We are focused on building unique crypto derivative products for our users to access the blockchain ecosystem easily.
Our Strengths
Experienced security and risk control team in managing virtual assets.
24/7 security monitoring and technical support to ensure the safety and reliability of Pexpay's platform.
Easy to Use
Whether you’re an advanced or beginner trader, you have the power and freedom to invest in an ever-growing number of cryptocurrency pairs and leverage on a a selection of tools and features to chart your own financial growth.
We value the community's input. At Pexpay, we put users at the center of our product design and development.
24/7 Customer Support
Equipped with extensive product knowledge, our international customer support team is dedicated to understand your needs and provide personalized solutions to your queries and problems.
Our Team
We're a group of professionals and crypto enthusiasts from across traditional financial institutions, tech companies and top crypto exchanges. We're a diverse group of innovators and thinkers who are dedicated to make financial services acessible to the world and empower our users to achieve financial freedom and inclusion.
Employees driven by a common vision: financial freedom and inclusion for al
Languages spoken in our global offices
Geographical regions covering all timezones
Contact Us
If you have a support issue or want to give us feedback about how we can improve our products, we are available 24/7 to listen to you here.
About Us
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