Instantly let your users buy crypto via the Pexpay P2P Widget
A user-focused on-ramp solution in just a few clicks. Allow users to purchase crypto with 0 fee, without having to manage liquidity. Shielding your business from market volatilities.
Why choose Pexpay P2P widget?
0 Fee when users buy from counterparties
Enjoy our FREE on-ramp solution for users when they trade directly with merchants
Easy and fast integration for developers
We have made the integration as hassle-free as possible to let different businesses and platforms offer on-ramp solutions within a few clicks
Supports a wide range of fiat currency options
Increase your coverage by allowing users to buy crypto using more than 40 fiat currencies across all regions
Choose from more than 160 payment methods
Expand your user’s access to cryptocurrencies by offering more than 160 global and local payment methods
How to buy cryptocurrency
Choose the crypto you’d like to buy
Select the cryptocurrency you would like to buy, the fiat currency you want to purchase crypto with
Review P2P trading offers
All trades are conducted between real people, Pexpay acts as a guarantor of each trade. Choose the suitable offer and open a secure trade
Create offer and pay to sellers
Once you send a request, the specified amount will be charged from the seller's balance and locked in escrow for 15 minutes. Send money to the seller via the suggested payment methods. Complete the fiat transaction and click "Transferred, notify seller".
Wait for the seller to release
Once the seller confirms receipt of money, the escrowed crypto will be released to you.
Launch the P2P widget within a few days!
Submit KYB documents
Sign the Agreement
Start the Integration
How to integrate the P2P Widget?
A few lines of code without hassle integration efforts
Before you begin
1. If you want to integrate with Pexpay P2P widget, please submit KYB, and sign the agreement with your Account Manager.
2. Provide the allowlisted domain of the specific site page that you will be using to host the Pexpay iFrame.
3. Register a Pexpay account and access the widget management portal to start integration!
1. iFrame P2P widget on your website
2. Copy and paste this into where you want the widget to be.
3. Example of a iframe script:
<iframe src="{widget ID}" frameborder="0" style="overflow: hidden; height: 500px; width: 250px" rel="nofollow"> </iframe>
Passed as URL query params
The available parameters that can be appended to a URL (the URL that we will be used to redirect the customer to Pexpay P2P widget after selecting fiat, crypto, amount in your application), include:
Example of a callback URL
// passed as URL query params { fiatCode: 'USD', cryptoCode: 'USDT', fiatAmount: '100', language:'en', }
Example of a URL query params{widget ID}&fiatCode=CNY&cryptoCode=USDT&fiatAmount=1000
Let’s Talk!
Email us at for more details on the Pexpay P2P widget or leave your email/telegram handle for our BD Team to contact you
1. What are the Fiat Currencies available on the widget?
2. What are the payment methods available?
3. How are appeals handled?
4. Can we implement commission fees for the trades? And can we track the earnings?
5. Is KYC required for all trades? What is the KYC process?
6. Where will the coins be sent?
7. Can we add the counterparties to an allowlist who can trade with our users and the fiat currencies available?
8. How fast is the integration?
9. Where can we embed the P2P widget?
10. What kind of promotions can we receive from this partnership?
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